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The Dashboard

The Dashboard assists you in monitoring traffic on your website and gives you an analytic overview of your website. 

Part I - Understanding the Analytics
Part II- Knowing Your Short-Cuts
Part II- Admin Navigation

Part I: Understanding the Analytics

Step 1
Login to your website editor at https://admin.blazonco.com using the username and password provided by Blazonco. If it is your first time you will need to agree to Terms of Use before continuing. 

Step 2
You will see a Line Graph across the screen. By hovering over the peaks you can see how many vists you have received to your website. 

Step 3
Under the graph is the box "Stats for the week". You can adjust the data by selecting day/week/month/year from the drop down menu. This lets you know numbers for visitors, pages viewed, and average time spent on your site. 

Step 4
Below that is the box "Traffic Sources". You can see where your traffic is arriving from: search engines, emails, social media sites etc. Is is great to have a variety of sources. 

Step 5 
Next to that box is the box for "Blazonco News". This is where you can learn about new updates from Blazonco and our team. We often feature helpful tips for website and marketing here. We also update our Facebook page for recent updates.

Step 6
Above that is the box "Activity for the week". This tells you the top keywords and most visited pages on your site. 

*On your Blazonco dashboard you may see the phrase "keyword undefined" appear under the section for Activity for the last 30 days. This may appear as one of your keywords. This is because some search engines (like Google) don't disclose the search term for confidentiality and privacy reasons. Google, for example, doesn't pass on the keyword for all logged in users. When someone types in a keyword to search on Google, the user is redirected to a https:// or SSL encrypted search to protect the users privacy. This is a step forward to protect eavesdropping, user privacy, and is a security decision made by Google.

Part II: Knowing Your Short-Cuts

Step 1
To the right of the screen you see several short-cuts to assist you with your website:

  • Add User- Link to add a Admin user to your site. This person has access to edit content on the site.
  • Edit News- Link to blogging for your site. 
  • Upload Files- Link to file manager for adding images, documents, pdfs, audio files to your site
  • Create a Product- Link to your add/edit products
  • Help & Support- Link to Blazonco Support Section
Step 2
Click on any of the short-cuts to directly get to the desired section. You can also access these sections through the primary navigation tabs at the top of the editor in black. 

Part III: Admin Navigation

Step 1
At the very top of the Admin screen you will see primary navigation tabs below. These are the gateway tabs for the larger sections of your site. 

  • Settings: To access your Site Title, Tag Line, Keywords, Site Description, Site Users, and Secure Page Users. 
  • Content: To access your Page Manager (Individual Pages on your site), Products, Master Pages, and Posts (Blogging)
  • Files: To access your File Manager, upload new images and files.
  • Add-Ons:To activate/configure the "Bells & Whistles" of your site, like Store Locator, Shipping Options and Page Fowarding
  • Marketing: To access/ create your CustomForms (Contact-Us, Get a Quote, etc) and Newsletter. 

*You may also have some these tabs which require Custom-Integration.

  • E-Commerce: To access/manage your E-Commerce, Orders, and Coupon Codes, and Packing Slips.
  • Data: To access custom Data specifically programmed for your site.
  • Reports: To access custom Reports specifically programmed for your site.

 Step 2
Now you are ready to start using the Admin! If you still need assistance take our Basic Webinar. Sign up here!