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How to Add/Edit a Favicon

A favicon is a short for Favorite Icon is a shortcut that appears on the top browser bar as a tab icon or bookmark icon. 

Step 1
Click in the Settings tab from the primary navigation tab. The General Settings page will appear.

Step 2
Enter your information into the following areas.
Scroll down to the "Favorite Icon" section. Select "Upload" and select your favicon from your desktop. The icon will need to be in a jpeg or png format and should be sized 32x32 pixels. 

Step 3
Click the "Save" button at the bottom right.

Step 4
Now when you search for your site your favicon appears up on the browser navigation with your website address on your browser as an icon image.

*It can take some time for changes to propagate. If you don't see your changes clear your browsing history/browser cache and refresh your page.