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How to Add/Edit an Admin User

This tutorial is to add an Admin User access to edit your website directly, including: blogging, content, images, and access to E-Commerce options if integrated.  

Step 1 
Click on the Settings tab on the Primary Navigation tab -OR- select the short-cut on your dashboard "add user" 

Step 2
Once in Settngs click on the "Users" tab from the grey horizontal menu. 

Step 3
There are two boxes that appear. The first box will allow you to change any existing users: password, username, permissions. The second box is where you create a new user. 

Step 4
Fill in the username (should be an email address *you can use personal email addresses. This information is not displayed anywhere on the site and Blazonco doesn't sell/use emails.)
First Name
Last Name
Permissions *This allows the user to edit certain pages and not others.

Step 5
Send username & password to your new user.*At this time Blazonco doesn't automatically do this. You will need to share this information.
Login: https://admin.blazonco.com