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How to Add/Edit a Site User

This tutorial is to add a site user access for the secure pages on your website.

Step 1
Click the SETTING tab from the primary navigation menu

Step 2
A grey horizontal menu appears. Select the tab "Site Users & Groups".

Step 3
There are two areas, "Users" to the left and "Groups" to the right. To add a new site user select the "Add User" button. You will be prompted to fill out the following fields:
Email/Username: *We recommend a real email as this can be used to reset password if forgotten
Groups: *Your existing groups will be listed under the left-side box "Available Groups". Select the group that you want to grant the user access and click the ">>" to bring that group to the right-side box "Selected Groups".

Step 4
Click the "Create User" button. You will need to email the username/password to your new site user.

*We probably set up your "Group(s)" for you but if you need additional groups you can add them on this section as well. For questions contact support@blazonco.com