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How to Create a Newsletter

Sending daily/weekly/monthly newsletters to your website subscribers is a great way to keep them updated about your website. You can capture name/email from subscribers and once they confirm to be on your list you can send them your newsletter.

Step 1
Click MARKETING on the top navigation bar. If MARKETING is not in your main navigation it means that the "NEWSLETTER" Add-On has not been activated. Please contact support@blazonco.com to have this added to your website. or proceed to Step 3 to add it yourself.

Step 2
Click the Newsletter tab listed next to "List Forms- Create Form- Newsletter". If you don't see Newsletter you will need to activate the Add-On first. If you see it skip to Step 4.

Step 3
Click the ADD-ONS tab at the top navigation bar. Click Available Add-Ons and select the "Activate" button next to the Newsletter Add-On. It will prompt you to fill out the following info:
From Address: *the sending from email address
Physical Address: *requires by Federal Law. Please list you business address
Success Message: *The message that subscribers will see upon signing up. Example "Thank you for subscribing".

Step 4
Returning to the MARKETING tab select Newsletter as the tab. You can now create a newsletter-OR- add subscribers. You can view your previous Newsletter Stats by selecting the "Stats" image. The following info:
Delivered: received by email recipient
Soft Bounced: The email recipient's SMTP server is offline and unable to receive the mail. It may try again later. This is a failed delivery- please check the email address.
Hard Bounced: The email recipient's SMTP server denied the email. This is a failed delivery- please check the email address.
Views: Total number of views. The email was opened and viewed.
Click-Throughs: The number of times a viewer takes some action on the newsleter such as buy a product, reads a full article, watches an video, etc.

Step 5
To create a new campaign click "New Campaign". Now you can just fill in the info and send your new newsletter off.
Subject: *Title of Newsletter Example: Love is in the air- Love our Products!
From Name: *Usuaully business name Example: Blazonco
Scheduled For: *You can select the date/ time you want it to be published from the calendar icon
HTML Message: Write your message, including any images or text. For insturctions on how to add images or video check out the tutorials How to Add an Image and How to Embed a Video
Plain Text: This should be a copy of your HTML message, but keeping in mind that most images/videos will not show unless the recipient shows the remote content. Only text comes through here.
Header Image: *Optional- This is usually your logo as a graphic either jpeg or png file format

Step 6
Once you are pleased with the final text of your newsletter click the "Send Blast" in the bottom right! Now you will see the newsletter appear under your current campaigns.

*Although our platfrom is easy to use if you are looking for more formatting options, multiple subscriber lists, or more campaign statistics we recommend MailChimp.com