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How to Create a Form

Forms are a great way to customize the information that you are requesting from viewers to your site. Here is a tutorial covers how to add a form. To add the form to a page please see the tutorial How to Add Form to a Page.

Step 1
Click MARKETING on the top navigation bar. If MARKETING is not in your main navigation it means that the "FORMS" Add-On has not been activated. Please contact support@blazonco.com to have this added to your website.

Step 2
Now in the Marketing section click the Grey horizontal bar that reads "CREATE FORMS". If you select "List Forms" it will display your existing forms where you can edit the fields or view the submissions. Please see the tutorial How to View/Export Your Form Submissions for further details. Let's click the "Create Form" tab.

Step 3
One the "Create Form" page there are two main areas. The area on the left we have the form editor: Here we can enter the form name, description, success message and email recepients for form results. The area on the right is the form preview area. The form you are creating will be built piece by piece. To save the form click the "Save Form" button on the bottom right.

Step 4
Lets get started. To begin with lets give our form a title, description, success message, and email recipient. Enter the following information into the right side area:
For Title- * Title should help users to know what form they are filling out. For example "Contact Us"
Form Description- * Let the users know why they are filling out the form. For example "Fill out the form and we can give you a quote."
Success Message- * Once the form is submitted a message appears that you can personalize here. For Example "Thank you for contacting us!"
E-Mail Recepients- *At the bottom of the left-hand column there are fields that reads "HTML E-mail Recipients" & "Plain Text Recipients". It is recommended to only edit the "HTML E-mail Recipients" field. Filling out both will result in 2 emails. Mulitple email recipients can be added by seperating each with a "," or comma.

Step 5
Now let's add fields to collect specific information. Click the "Add Elements" button under the E-Mail recipients field. There are two areas "Standard Form Elements" and "Pre-Fab Form Elements". The Standard Form Elements are the basics for what you will need to create the form. The Pre-Fab Form Elements are combined form element for fields like Address, Time, Numbers, and Dates.

Step 6
To add an element just click and drag and element from the left to the right side.

Standard Elements
Section Heading- Can be used as a title to break up sections of the form. Example Title: Contact Info
Text- Single line Form Element for short text/ questions. Example Title: Please provide for Business Name
Long Text- Multiple Line Form Element for Comments/Descriptions. Exmaple Title: Questions/Comments
Dropdown List-User can select one option from hidden drop-down list. Enter Drop-down choices under the Options area seperated by a comma.
Radio Buttons- User can select one option from the visible choices listed. Enter radio-button choices under the Options area seperated by a comma.
Checkboxes- User can select one option from the visible choices listed. Enter Check-box choices under the Options area seperated by a comma.

Pre-Fab Elements
Name- Can be for name as your specify. Example Title: Contact Name (First Last)
Address- Asks for Street, City, State and Zip. Example Title: Contact Address
Phone Number- Prompts for 10 digit number. Example Title: Contact Phone
Date- Prompts for a date to be selected from a calendar icon. Example Title: Birthdate
Time- Prompt for a time to be selected Hour:Minute:Seconds:AM/PM. Example Title: Best Time of Day to Call.

Step 7
After you have personalized all the fields click the "Save Form" in the bottom right corner. A big green check-mark will appear. Now that you have saved the form it will appear under your List Forms under Marketing.

* To add this to a page on your site click the tutorial here How to Add a Form to a Page.