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Add/Edit Social Media Meta Tags and SEO

These days, sharing information from your website to your social media pages is a must and a great way to drive traffic to your website. Here is a tutorial that covers how to properly setup your meta tags to ensure your shared links appear correctly and search engines crawl specified content. To learn more about meta tags, please read our blog post: NEW SEO Features and Social Media Meta Tags

This tutorial has three (3) different parts:

Part I: For Pages
Part II: For Products
Part III: For Blogs Posts

Step 1 for ALL

You will need to activate Social Meta Tags if they are not already on there. Click the "Add-Ons" Tab on the top primary navigation menu. Once inside find the Add-Ons titled "Social Meta Tags". Click the "Activate" button to the far right column. ALL DONE!


Step 1
Click on CONTENT on the primary navigation menu. The Page Manager will appear listing your pages to the left. If you only see +Home, click the "+" to open your Home and it will show your website pages. 

Step 2
To edit a page meta tags and SEO click on top of the page until it highlights blue. The page settings will appear to the right. 

Step 3
Here you are presented with the page settings for that page. The SEO fields are located under the header "Social Linking Information". Below is an overview of the fields:

  • Title: Use this to change what goes in the meta title, it will use the original Page Title if left blank 
  • Description: Set the meta description here. If left blank it will try to use the SEO description, and if that's empty it will try to find the first Text Component/Module with content entered. 
  • Image: Select which image to link in the meta. There's no fallback for this field, the image meta tag won't be created without it.


Step 1
Click CONTENT primary navigation 

Step 2
Click PRODUCTS grey horizontal menu

Step 3
Your products appear on the left-hand side. Select the individual products that you want to edit. You may need to open the catalog (blue book) by clicking the plus sign. The product properties will show to the right side. 

Step 4
Select Product SEO, the 3rd tab within your specific product. The "Product SEO" page opens. Change the following info:

  • Description: Brief description of your specific product
  • Keywords: Keywords associated with your specific product

Step 5

Click "Save Settings".


Blog Posts

Step 1
Click the CONTENT tab on the primary navigation menu

Step 2
Click the POST tab from the grey horizontal menu

Step 3
You will now see all your existing posts. You can edit current posts by clicking the pencil to the right-hand column. To create a new post click the "NEW POST" button with the green plus-sign in the upper right corner.

Here you are presented with the blog settings for that post. Below is an overview of the fields: 

  • Title: The meta tag title will be the same as the post's title
  • Description: The description will use the post Excerpt if entered, otherwise it will use the first 200 chars of the post content.
  • Image: Select which image to link in the meta. There's no fallback for this field, the image meta tag won't be created without it.

Step 5

Once you have entered all your information for your post click the "Write Post" or "Edit Post".