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How to Upload & Insert an Image

If you did not previously upload your image to the files section you can upload and insert a new image while in the editor. This is not recommended if you need to create a new folder for the image. Please upload the image directly through the file manager if you need to organize/create new folders.

Step 1
Click the CONTENT tab on the primary navigation menu. Now you can select a page from the page manager to the left-hand column.

Step 2
Once you have selected the page you want to edit, click the pencil icon to the right of the page title to open the page.

Step 3
You are now in the content editor. *If you don't already have a Text-Block or Text-Module on the page add one now.

Step 4
Now open up the Text-Block/Module by double clicking in the content area, this will bring up the formatting bar at the top of the editor. This will allow you to format the text. The bar appears below your browser URL. You will know you have opened the Text Block/Module because the background will change from light yellow to white and you will see the formatting bar. You can now edit the contents of the Text Block/Module.

Step 5
Now from the formatting bar click the icon of a tree picture. You will be presented with the Insert/Edit Image overlay. You can insert an image you have already uploaded, upload a new image, or alter the properties of images already on the page.

Step 6
To upload a new image while  an image directly select the "New Image" tab. Now lets do the following:

  • Select the folder that you would like the image uploaded to (This only applies if you have mulitple folders). 
  • Select the "Browse" button to bring up your computer's file browser.
  • Locate and Select the image you want to upload. 
  • Select the "Insert" Button 

*You will see that this new photo has automatically been added to your file manager for future use. 

Step 7
Don't forget to "Save & Publish" to view your new images on your site.