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How to Re-size an Image

Resizing and cropping images is a huge part of maintain your website. Uploading and publishing images that are too large or too small can effect the visual look of your website and search engine ranking. Uploading images that are larger than 1400pixels width/high results in slower load times. To optimize the loading and indexing of your website be sure to re-size/crop your images for uniformity and consistency. To determine replacement image size for current images you can skip to Step 3.

*We recommend resizing/cropping images before you upload them to your Admin. This is a recommended free image editor picmonkey.com.

Step 1
To edit images that are already uploaded be sure to upload your image. If you are unsure how to do this refer to the tutorial How to Upload an Image/File.

Step 2
Locate the image you want to edit under your FILES tab of your Admin. You will see the image appear in the image preview box to the right-hand side of the screen. Click the bottom left corner that looks like a pencil within a blue box.

Step 3
This will pull up the Image Edit Tool Bar. From here you have several options to edit the photo:
Rename the photo: Place your cursor in the "File Name" field and rename what you want the photo to be called.
Save as Copy: We recommend clicking the box to save this new image as a copy. This way you can always access the original image
Adjust the Zoom: If you image is very large/ very small you can adjust the zoom proportion so that you can view/edit
Resize Image: You can enter the proportions by which you want to edit/re-size -OR- enter a height/width. The numbers in here show the current size of the image.
Crop Image: You can crop an image here. This is helpful if you need to get a  precise  pixel height/width.
View in Preview: If you click the box "Show Selection in Preview" you can view the image before it is saved.

Step 4
Once you are satisfied with your image edits you can select the "Save" button to save the image for use, or the "Discard" button if you want to leave the original image un-edited.

*If you are unable to re-size your images for your website please email the request to our support department at support@blazonco.com with instructions so we can assist.