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What is a URL?

An image or file url is just the location of where the image/file is being stored.  The Universal Resource Locator or URL, tells your computer browser where to find the image file to make it show up on your site.

How do image URL's affect my SEO?

The Image URL best practice rules you need to worry about are basic;

1. Ensure you are naming your image files appropriately (if the image is of a pair of flip flops you sell use the product title as the image file name) and

2. Try not to create too many sub folders for your images


In the case of a product image, you can have a

­čôüProduct folder and within that folder you have a

­čôüCategory Folder and within that folder the actual

­čôüProduct Folder

Your Image URL will look something like this:


If you can use less folders it will take the browser less time to find an image, but it might make organizing your files more difficult. Just use your best judgement.

How to Get Image URLs

This covers how to find image URLs. This is useful for downloading images from the back-end of your website to use or linking to them on your live site. 


Step 1
Begin by uploading the image to your website. Click the FILES tab located at the top navigation menu. (If you have already done this skip to Step 4).

Step 2
Scroll to the top folder labeled IMAGES and select that folder (or create a new folder under IMAGES if you wish). This is where you can upload and files like JPEGs, or PNGs files.

Step 3
Click the Upload Files button to the right of the Folder Structure window. This will prompt you to select the image from your computer. Next click "upload file". You will now see your image in the right-hand screen.

Step 4
Now we can grab the image URLs. In the File Manager you see your folders to the left and your images to the right. Select the folder and locate the image that you want to copy the URL.

Step 5
Click the upper left corner of the image that has the "link" symbol. It looks like a side-ways "8". A window will appear with the title "Copy Link". Click the "Copy" button and with your keyboard type "Ctrl" and "C" (this will copy the URL to your clipboard for you to paste elsewhere). 

Step 6 
Open a new tab in your browser and paste the image URL. The image should appear in full size on the page. You can drag the image to your desktop to save it or right click on the the image and select the choice "Save As".


*If you are trying to hyperlink a phrase or image to an image on your site follow this tutorial How to Add a File to a Page. This will result in the hyperlink opening the "link" in a new window.