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How to Embed a Video from YouTube or Vimeo

Step 1
Open a new tab and upload your video to either YouTube or Vimeo

Step 2
Go to the unique page that your video is on. Click the "share" button below the video. Select the "embed" button. A snipet of HTML code will apear below. Copy the code. Example. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/7a0Dism-_p8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Step 3
Go to your Blazonco website editor and click the CONTENT tab on your primary navigation. 

Step 4
Click the pencil to the right to edit your desired page in the left-column that you want to embed the video on -OR-click POSTS in the horizontal grey menu. From here you can click the pencil and edit the page post you want to embed the video on.

Step 5
PAGE - If editing a page double click in the text block/text module that you want to edit. The top tool bar will appear and click the "HTML" button to the far right of the top tool bar. 

BLOG - If editing a blog click the HTML button to the far right of the "Post Content" tool bar.  

The "HTML Source Editor" will open. Paste the unique video code. You can adjust the width/height of the video here. *It is important not to just place it in the middle here. You can edit the text on the main post once you have edited the HTML.

Step 6
PAGE - Click the "Save" button to the right tool bar. Click "Save & Publish". Check your live site for the updated changes.

BLOG - Click "Write Post" button at the bottom of your blog post. Check your live site for the updated changes.