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How to Add/Edit Secure Files

This tutorial covers how to upload secure files to your file manager. These files are different as they will require login determined by your security setting and set through the tutorial How to Add/Edit Page Security and How to Add/Edit Secure Page User

Step 1 
Click on FILES tab on the primary navigation menu. You will now be presented with the file manager with two main folders: Images & Files
Images (.jpeg -OR- .png)
Files (.xls, MP3, MP4, .doc, .docx, .pdf, etc)

Step 2
Click on the Files folder and select the "secure" folder. This selects the "secure" folder to view and all sub-folders.

Step 3
Once you have selected the "secure" folder you want to upload your files to move your cursor down to the "File Uploader". Select the "Choose Files" button. You will now need to select the image from your computer/desktop. *You will need to resize/edit your images before uploading them. Click here for a FREE image editor.

Step 4
Once you have selected the image(s) click the "Upload Files" button. You will see the images appear above in the the Image Manager.

Step 5
To create a new folder click the folder that you want the new folder to appear under.

Step 6
Move your cursor down to the "Create Folder" button. A pop-up window will appaer for you to name your folder. Then click "Create Folder" in the bottom left of the pop-up window. You can now upload images/files to this folder. 

Step 7
To grab the "secure" file URLs you will need to follow the steps for How to Add a File to a Page