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How Add HTML Code

Each of the text modules, text components, and blog posts has an area to edit the HTML code of the text area. This is important becuase especially for multi-media and certain types of widgets you will need to add/edit content in the HTML editor. Once you have the HTML code follow the steps below.

Step 1
Refer to the location of the HTML Source Editor depending on where you are editing in the editor.

PAGE - If editing a page, double click in the text block/text module that you want to edit. The top tool bar will appear and click the "HTML" button to the far right of the top tool bar.

BLOG - If editing a blog click the HTML Source Editor button to the far right of the "Post Content" tool bar.  

Step 2
The "HTML Source Editor" will open. Paste the unique video code. If you have current code in the module select the enter key and either paste the code at the very top or very bottom of the page. *It is important not to just place it in the middle here. You can edit the text on the main post/page once you have edited the HTML.

Step 3
Once you have finished pasting the HTML code selecte the green "Update" button in the bottom left corner of the HTML Source Editor.

Step 4
You can double check the code position, although for some code you will need to publish to see your changes/updates to the code.

PAGE - Click the "Save" button to the right tool bar. Click "Save & Publish". Check your live site for the updated changes.

BLOG - Click "Write Post" button at the bottom of your blog post. Check your live site for the updated changes.