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How to Edit Shipping Options

The shipping options for your Ecommerce are either determined by the shipping weight/shipping provider selecte or you can select custom shipping rates. Below are instruction for how to customize you shipping options. 

Step 1
Click the ADD-ONS tab on the primary navigation tab

Step 2
Under the "Add-Ons" grey horizonal menu you will see all your activated Add-Ons. Scroll down until you see E-Commerce. Select the "Configure" button to the far right-hand column. 

Step 3
Here is the "Choose Your Gateway" of your Ecommerce Configuration. We have probably already set this up for you. Click the "Next" Button in the bottom right corner.

Step 4
Here is the "Choose Sales Tax Options" of your Ecommerce Configuration. You can change your state tax rate, percentage, who gets charged, and tax on shipped items. If you are wholesale site or want to enable a "Minumum Order Amount" you can select the box for "Require Minimum Order Amount to Checkout". Enter the dollar amount that minimum orders must be in the field "Minimum Order Amount". You can personalize the "Cart Notification" below. Edit what you would like and then click the "Next" button in the bottom right corner.

Step 5
Here is the "Configure Shipping Options" of your Ecommerce Configuration. Here you can change your shipping "from" addressand your "shipping options". It is important to note that it is recommended to only select 1 shipping option. You can select multiple methods within an option, for example Select USPS as your shhipping option, and then select USPS Priority Mail & USPS Express Mail. See the following:

  • Free Local Pick-Up: *Can select as secondary option.
  • Free Electronic Delivery: *For Downloadable products/services only.
  • Free Shipping on orders over a certain amount: *Secondary shipping option in addition to USPS/UPS. 
  • USPS: *Recommended to select either USPS -OR- UPS
  • UPS: *Recommended to select either USPS -OR- UPS
  • Custom Rate: *Choose your own shipping rate per item, or x number of items.

Once you have selected your "shipping options" click the "Finish" button in the bottom right corner. 

Step 6
You will get this success message and your edits to your "Ecommerce Configuration" were successful.