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How to Edit Product Reviews

Having product reviews on your ecommerce website is a great way to get feedback about your products and to allow your shoppers to make an informed decision about the product. How does the item fit? Did the customer enjoy it? etc. If you would like to add product reviews on to your website please edit your Products Add-On or contact support@blazonco.com

Step 1
Customer submits a product review on the website. They must fill out the fields for the following and then the "submit" button

Step 2
As the moderator of all reviews you will need to approve them before they are public on your website. Login into your Admin account to edit the back-end of your website. Click CONTENT on the primary navigation tab. Click PRODUCTS on the grey horizontal bar.

Step 3
Your products appear on the left-hand side. You will now see a yellow shield symbol that signifies "Awaiting Moderation". These are the product reviews that need to be approved. Select the review by the submitter's email. The Product Review Information will appear to the right side.

Step 4
You can now edit this review if there are typos or mis-spellings. Once you have reviewed the product review you can select one option for your Moderation Action from the radio buttons below:
Once selected click the "Save Review" button in the bottom right corner

Step 5
The review will now move to the individual product. Navigation through your product catalogs to locate the product that was reviewed. You can now see a "star" symbol signifying a review.


Step 6
Go to your live website and view the "reviewed" product page. Your product will now have a "star" rating and number signifying the number of product reviews.

Step 7
Click the " x Reviews" and you can view the the product review(s) for that product.