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How to Create Downloadable Products

We offer downloadable or digital delivery for our ecommerce addon. This doesn't have an additional fee but does require additonal set-up. It requires all shoppers to set up a username/password where they can login to view their digital downloads. Please contact support@blazonco.com to enable this on your ecommerce.

Step 1
Once our Support Department has set-up your ecommerce for downloadable products you can add additions products to your shop. Create/Add your products per our tutorial How to Create Products.

Step 2
Downloadable Products can either send your shopper to a single FILE they have access to OR a secure PAGE that has multiple files, content, images. Depending on your Downloadable product your site will have been set up for FILE or PAGE.

Step 3
Upload the downloadable products to the File Manger of your website. It is best to create a specific folder(s) depending on the type of file and number of products. Be sure to upload images (jpeg, png to the Images section) and files (doc, docx, cvs, pdf, exel to the Files section). Check out these tutorials How to Upload an Image/File, How to Get Image/File URLs. If you are offering a single FILE download skip to Step 5. 

Step 4
Now that your files are uploaded you need to create a secure page specifically for each product. Follow the guides for How to Create a Page and set the page security to "Require Log-in" on the Page Setting. Refer to tutorial How to Add/Edit Page Security

Step 5
Once you have created your page you can add the text/images/files that you want shoppers to have access to once they purchase this product. If making files available it is best web practice to hyperlink the files from the page. Refer to the tutorials How to Get Image/File URLs and How to Hyperlink an Image/Phrase. Save your changes. 

Step 6
You need to connect your product now to the secure page that you want shoppers to have access to. You must set this up if you want the shopper to have immediate access to the secure page/files once they complete their purchase and are prompted to login to their Account they set-up during check-out. 

Step 7
Click the Data tab on the primary navigation of your Admin. Click the hyperlink that reads DownloadableProductItems. You will now be presented with all your existing downloadable products. To add a new product select the button "Create DownloadableProductItem" in the upper left corner.

Step 8
You have 4 areas to fill out:
Product Id: *Select the Product Id/ title from the drop-down list provided. If you don't see the product you need to create the product first. Return to Step 1 of this tutorial.
Type: *You will either enter FILE or PAGE depending on the access you are giving your client.
Route Id: *If you are giving shoppers access to a PAGE select the page url from the drop-down menu.
File Id: *If you are giving shoppers access to a single FILE select the file url from the drop-down menu.

Step 9
Click the "Save" button in the lower right corner of the page.

*If you have questions or issues please contact support@blazonco.com for assistance.