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How to Check Orders

Step 1
Click the ECOMMERCE tab on your primary navigation 

Step 2
ORDERS is the default page that appears. All orders appear here, most recent appearing at the top. The orders are listed with the following information displayed in columns left to right:

Order Date *Listed most recent at the top, older purchases accesible at the bottom of the screen
Transaction ID *This is the ID used for your merchant account. If you need to provide a refund you will need this number.
Ship To *The Ship To address 
User *If you have accounts set-up on your site you will see a name here. Don't worry if it is blank
Items *Lists the top item purchased. To view all items click the "View/Edit" link in the right-side Actions column
Amount *Displays order total as $0.0 
Status *Default to "New", to edit click the "View/Edit" link in the right-side Actions column
Actions *To view the ENTIRE order click the "View/Edit" link in this column

Step 3
The individual order information appears. You can view the specific items ordered, shipping method chosen, shipping address, customer contact information and at the bottom of the page a "status box".

Step 4
Update the drop-down menu "Order Status" with any of these choices:
Partically Fulfilled

Step 5
Below the "Order Status" menu is a box labeled "Notes". Here you can type notes for the customer about their order status. These note will automatically be sent to you E-commerce customer via email once you click "Update Order" in the bottom right corner. The sending email used is the email that you are logged into your editor with. Only write notes that you want the E-commerce customer to view in this area. Not to be used for internal use.  

*To manage any financial refunds for clients you will need to contact your Payment Gateway Processor directly. No client Credit Card information is stored in your website editor.