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How to Add/Edit Variable Pricing

Variable Pricing is an easy way to make certain sizes/color or other E-Commerce product properties different prices in check out when selected as a product option. 

Step 1
*Be sure that the product you are adding Variable Pricing to has E-Commerce Product Properties already added in the form of a drop-down menu. If they are not added to a "Dropdown List" you will need to edit them be in this format. Refer to the How to Create Products Part III tutorial.

Step 2
Click CONTENT tab on the primary navigation. Click PRODUCTS grey horizontal menu/

Step 3
Your products appear on the left-hand side. Select the individual products that you want to edit. You may need to open the catalog (blue book) by clicking the plus sign. The product properties will show to the right side. 

Step 4
Select Ecommerce Properties, the 2nd tab at the top of your specific "Product Settings" page. The "Price Settings" page opens. 

Step 5
Check the box labeled "Advanced Pricing Options" below the field "Price". Locate the Variable Pricing section and click the button "Add Rule".

Step 6
You can now select the drop-down option you want the variable pricing to apply to and fill out the following options:
Enter the numerical value in the "Amt" field. Then select either a monitary amount "$" or percentage "%" from the next drop-down list. The base price is the "Price" listed at the top of the page.

Step 7
Click "Save E-commerce" button. You can now check your live site to view the changes.

*It is also recommended to list in the Product Description or the in the E-commerce Product Property Dropdown List that the option when selected has an additional cost. Example Dropdown List: 4oz ($10.00), 2oz ($6.00). You still have to add the variable pricing rule, otherwise at check-out there will be no $/% change.