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How to Add/Edit Store Locator

This feature is an Add-On that works for viewers to enter a zipcode only and it brings up locations for stores closest to that zipcode. 

Step 1
Click the Add-Ons Tab at the top primary navigation menu.

Step 2
Under the grey horizontal tab "My Add-Ons" find "Store Locator" located in the left-hand column and click the "Configure" button to the far-right of the "Store Locator" Add-On.

Step 3
Click the "Add Store" button to add and new store, or select the pencil to edit an existing entry. You will need to provide the following information:
Title *Required
Address *Required
Phone *If available 
Website *If available 

Step 4
Click the "Add" button below the "Title" field. View your site to view the new locations under your zip-code search option.

*If you do not see "Store Locator" under your "My Add-Ons" you will need to locate it under "Available Add-Ons" and click the "Activate" button. It will appear as a new hidden page titled "Locations" under your Page Manager.