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How to Add/Edit Inventory

Step 1
Click the ECOMMERCE tab on the primary navigation.

Step 2
Click the INVENTORY tab on the grey horizontal menu

Step 3
Click the green circular plus-sign button to the far right side under the "add inventory" column.

Step 4
A new field appears horizontally. Select the product from the drop-down menu under the column "Product". Specifiy an drop-down options such as size/color under "Options". Enter the quantity amount to the far right column "Add Quantity".

*To adjust existing inventory quantity add or subtract value in right hand colum "Add Quantity". To minus numbers use minus sign/"-" before number. 

Step 5
Click the bottom left button "Update Inventory". 

*If your Inventory Add-On is not activated please contact support@blazonco.com to activate this Add-On for you. 

*Inventory needs to be added for each product including each size/color option for the products to appear In-Stock on the live site and be available for purchase. Inventory auto-updates when items are purchased.