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How to Publish Previous Page Version

It may happen that you have deleted content on a page that you wish you could publish again. You can! The Blazonco Admin saves up to 10 versions of the pages that you edit. You can roll-back and publish or edit a previous version. 

Step 1
Click on CONTENT on the primary navigation menu. The Page Manager will appear listing your pages to the left. If you only see +Home, click the "+" to open your Home and it will show your website pages. 

Step 2
To publish/edit a page click on top of the page until it highlights blue. The page settings will appear to the right. 

Step 3
Here you are presented with the page settings for that page which appear to the right side. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you see the words Content Versions +. Click the "+" top open the content versions.

Step 4
The Content Versions appear and you can choose to Publish, View, Edit.
Publish: This will publish the version selected.
View: This will allow your to view the selected version. You may need to enter your Admin login to access the page.
Edit: This will open the content editor and allow you to edit the selected version. You can "Save & Publish" once you have completed your edits. *Recommended to be sure you are publishing the correct version.

*If you don't see the version of your webpage that you are trying to publish it means that you have published 10 versions since that version and it is no longer available.