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How to Forward a Page

You may want to forward entire pages or subpages to other locations on your website or other third-party websites. 

Step 1
You will need to activate the "Forwarding Component" by clicking on the Add-On's tab on the primary navigation menu. If it is already activated it will appear under My Add-Ons list. If it is not, you will need to click "Available Add-Ons" and click the activate button next to "Forwarding Component". 

Step 2
To add this to a webpage click CONTENT and then select the pencil icon on the page you want to edit. 

Step 3
Once you are in the page click the Text tab from the top-right of the right-hand properties menu. Drag-and-Drop the "Forwarding Component" to the website page.

Step 4
Once the component is on the page you click the properties icon from the upper right corner of the component that looks like a piece of paper. Now you can type in the name or paste the full web address URL: For example open your page titled "/careers" and forward it to "http://blazonco.com/services". 

Step 5
Remember to "Save & Publish" your changes and view your site to view the update.