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How to Edit a Page Title

Step 1
Click on CONTENT on the primary navigation menu. The Page Manager will appear listing your pages to the left. If you only see +Home, click the "+" to open your Home and it will show your website pages. 

Step 2
To edit a page title click on top of the page until it highlights blue. The page settings will appear to the right. 

Step 3
Here you are presented with the page settings for that page. To change the navigation name as it appears on your website you can adjust the Page Title field. This is the text that appears on your website as part of your navigation, or drop-down menu. For example if your page is titled CONTACT US on your primary navigation you can change it to CONTACT. 

Step 4
Now you can also edit the URL of the page which is the internet address of the page. For example if it was mydomain.com/contact-us you can change it to mydomain.com/contact. Changing the URL will lead to an error message to anyone going to mydomain.com/contact-us unless the page is duplicated and a forwarding set. Please contact support@blazonco.com if you have questions.

*CAUTION: Keep in mind that changing the URL of a page or name of a page can create indexing problems if you have added a lot of content to the page. Page titles and page urls are indexed by search engines and changing them can disrupt search engine optimization and indexing that has already occured on your website. It can take 30-90 days for new page content to be re-indexed. If you are concerned about re-naming pages on your website you can create a new page and set up forwarding from the old page so that any inquires to mydomain.com/contact-us would be redirected to mydomain.com/contact. This has to be done manually.