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How to Clear Formatting on a Page

Often times you might be copy & pasting from an email, document or other file into your Content Editor. When you copy & paste it actually brings over formatting from that other application. This formatting can wreck havoc with your website. We have programmed your site with specific fonts to match your sites content and design. If you have copy & pasted text over and it doesn't match the rest of your site you need to clear the formatting on the text. 

Step 1
Click on CONTENT on the primary navigation menu. The Page Manager will appear listing your pages to the left. If you only see +Home, click the "+" to open your Home and it will show your website pages. 

Step 2
To edit a page click the pencil that appears to the right of the page title. If you are already viewing the page settings for the page you want to edit you can also click the "edit page" link in the right hand corner of the page settings bar. 

Step 3
Here you are presented with the content editor for that page where you can add/change text, images and content on the page. The Editor appears on the left and the properties panel appears to the right. 

Step 4
Double click in the Text Module or Text Block Component to open it. You will know you are inside the module once you can see the tool bar appear at the top of the page (under the browser URL). Now highlight all the text that doesn't match the rest of your site. 

Step 5
Now select the "eraser" image from the top tool bar. This image is below:

Step 6
This will clear the formatting that you brought over with the text. You can also select the "paragraph" option to revert the text back to the font size and type that is the default for the body of your site. This was chosen by a designer for best readability and style. 

Step 7
Now save the changes you have just made by clicking "Save" from the right-hand tool bar. You are presented with 2 options:
"Save Changes" * Your changes will be saved but not visible on your live site. 
"Save & Publish" * Your changes will be saved and published and visible on your live site.