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How to Add/Edit a Text Block

Text Blocks are an easy way to add text or images to a page. Text Block are slightly different than Text Modules, Text Blocks are a basic area for text/images.

Step 1
Click the CONTENT tab on the primary navigation menu.

Step 2
The Page Manager will appear to the left column and you can select the pencil to the right of the page that you want to edit. 

Step 3
Once you are in the Content Editor you will see the Properties Panel to the right-side. Select the top option with an "A Text". You will be presented with minimum of three options.

Step 4
To add the Text Block click on the option from the Properties Panel and Drag-n-drop the Text Block over to the Content Editor. Places that highlight green are where you can drop the Text-Block. Once you have found the place you want to drop it let go of the mouse. 

Step 5
To edit the text in the block double click in the area where your existing text lies/ or "Double click here to add text to this component".Click out of the box to see how your text will appear on your live site.

Step 6
Your text might look pretty plain. Now you can open the box again and use the formatting tool-bar at the top under your browser. It looks kind of like a Microsoft Word panel. You can underline, bold, or change the alignment. To change text to different headings you can change it from "paragraph" to a heading. We recommend "Heading 3" for titles as your site is pre-programmed to show those in a larger size.  

Step 7
To save the changes you have just made click "Save" from the right-hand tool bar. You are presented with 2 options:
"Save Changes" * Your changes will be saved but not visible on your live site. 
"Save & Publish" * Your changes will be saved and published and visible on your live site.