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How to Add/Edit a Module Row

This tutorial covers how to add/edit modules to a module row to achieve a columned look. 

Step 1
Click the CONTENT tab on the primary navigation menu.

Step 2
The Page Manager will appear to the left column and you can select the pencil to the right of the page that you want to edit. 

Step 3
Once you are in the Content Editor you will see the Properties Panel to the right-side. To add a module row click the "Layout Groups" button. From here you can drag-n-drop "Module Row" to the Content Editor.  Places that highlight green are where you can drop the Module Row. Once you have found the place you want to drop it let go of the mouse.

Step 4
Now you can add modules to the row. Select the "Text" button and drag-n-drop the "Text Module" over to the Module Row. This can be a bit tricky as sometimes when you bring it over it appears "below" the Module Row and not "inside" the Module Row. Once you drag over additional modules you will be able to see if you have dropped the Text-Modules in the Module Row. As each additional module is added the modules will adjust. 

Step 5
If you want to move the order of the Text-Modules just drag and drop the Modules to the desired position to change positions. Sometimes the Module Row will not be large enough for 4 modules. If this is the case contact support@blazonco.com with your request. 

Step 6
Now you can add content to the Text-Module and give it a title. Here is the tutorial for How to Add/Edit a Text Module 

Step 7
Don't forget to save the changes you have just made.  Click "Save" from the right-hand tool bar. You are presented with 2 options:
"Save Changes" * Your changes will be saved but not visible on your live site. 
"Save & Publish" * Your changes will be saved and published and visible on your live site.