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How to Add/Edit a Master Page

You may want to add/edit a master page. This is a quick way that you can add/edit the same content to multiple pages, like social media icons, a slogan, or image. Creating a new master page is only recommended if one of your current master pages, such as "default" is not sufficiant or if you have more than 10 pages.

Step 1
Click on the CONTENT tab from your primary navigation menu. Select a page from your page manager. Under the General Settings you will see a drop-down menu with the title "Master Page". The default setting is "None", which means it is turned off. This is where you select the master page for a new page. Select "default" of another master page from the drop-down list, that has turned the selected master page on. 

Step 2
Now we are ready to create a new master page if we want. Click the Master Page tab from the grey horiztonal menu.

Step 3
From here we can either:  Edit an Existing Master Page -OR- Create a New Master Page

Step 4
To edit an existing master page click the title of the existing master page. Make your changes and remember to select the "Save" button from the right-hand menu. 

Step 5
To create a new master page enter the title of the new master page into the field "master page title" under the existing master pages. Click the "Create" button. 

Step 6
Your new master page will appear in the above list and you can add content to it. Make your changes and remember to select the "Save" button from the right-hand menu. 

Step 7
If you create a new master page you can now go back and change the "master page" under the General Settings of any individual pages on your site to apply the content to that page.