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How to Change Blog Module Settings

Step 1
Click CONTENT  on the top navigation bar.

Step 2
Click the pencil next to the page you want to edit that has the Blog Module on it.

Step 3
Locate the Blog Module and click the "properties" icon in the upper right corner of the Blog Module. It looks like a page. 

Step 4
The "Properties" settings will pop up with several field options to personalize for that page. 

Post Count- Fill in Quantity. *3-6 recommended for load time
Category- Fill in Category. *Categories created in individual post under the POST section of your site
Show Date - True/False *Select one 
Show Author- True/False *True/False *Select one  
Layout - Title/Excerpt *Select one
Title - Fill in Title or leave blank 

Step 5
Click Save & Publish icon from the right-hand tool bar. 

Step 6
View your site to see the changes