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How to Create a Blog Post

Blogging is an easy way to add content to your site and improve your ranking on search engines with new content. We recommend blogging once a week. 

Step 1
Click the CONTENT tab on the primary navigation menu

Step 2
Click the POST tab from the grey horiztonal menu

Step 3
You will now see all your existing posts. You can edit current posts by clicking the pencil to the right-hand column. To create a new post click the "NEW POST" button with the green plus-sign in the upper right corner.

Step 4
You can now easily create a post. Enter in the following information.
Title: *This is the title of your post as it will appear publically
Slug: *No need to edit this, it is automatically generated from your title
Publishing:*Your have 3 options here:
"Published"- Will be published once you click "Write Post" 
"Scheduled" - You can set the Post to be scheduled to publish in the future. Select the date from the right-side calendar.
"Draft"- Not published, saved as a draft until status changed to "Published" or "Scheduled"
Author: *This defaults to the user who signed-in to the editor. You can select another author if you have other users.
Tags:*Optional, these are specific tags related to your post
Post Content: *Enter the body of your post here. Use the tool bar to adjust format and import images/embed videos
Post Excerpt:*This defaults tot he top 4 lines of your Post Content, but you can enter something specific here which will appear as the "teaser" text for the whole post. 

Step 5
Once you have entered all your information for your post click the "Write Post" and your site will be visible on your site now (if you have selected the published option).