• What are the system requirements to use the admin tool?

    Our platform is optimized for Google Chrome 14+, FireFox 4+, IE 7+, and Safari 5+. Please see our Software Requirements page for more information.

  • Does Blazonco work on a Mac?

    Yes. We support Google Chrome 14+, FireFox 4+ and Safari 5+ on the Mac platform. Please see our Software Requirements page for more information.

  • Can I put embeddable forums on my site?

    Depending on the embed code this may be possible, but due to the variety of forums it is difficult to say. We currently support Disqus forums and have built a module for easy integration on your web pages. Your Blog also has the ability to activate commenting which you are able to monitor. For activating blog commenting and other features view the tutorial How to Add/Edit Blogging Options.

  • Can I extend Blazonco with custom programming?

    Blazonco supports HTML and CSS programming within content. We are working daily to improve your experience and expand functionality and encourage input from our users. If you have a custom need that we have not addressed please contact us as we may already have your custom need on our road map, or can consult on what would be required to develop custom for your site.

  • I have some PHP code on my website that a nephew made for me, can I use that?

    No. We do not support external PHP code, but if you contact support we can discuss the code functionality and if there are any plans to implement a similar function.

  • Can my site have JavaScript?

    We use JavaScript and CSS to construct our templates, but do not allow users to edit this code. If you have a custom need that cannot be accomplished in our current system please contact us and we will consult on what can be done to address your needs.

  • Can I add animation to my site? Such as characters?

    Depending on your needs, this may be accomplished with the HTML button in the content editor for advanced users. Flash animation is NOT recommend for the majority of websites as mobile devices such as iPhones, Androids and smart phone do not support Flash animation. Please contact support if you need custom Flash or animation developed for your site. 

  • Can I embed widgets on my site?
    Yes and No. We can embed most widget code either JavaScript or HTML into your website. Some codes are only accessible on certain browsers which is beyond our control. Please contact support if you would like some code embedded on your site and are not sure how.