• Can I upload my own Images to my site?
    Our file manager and page editor make image uploading easy and there is no limit to the numbers of images you can upload. You can upload images as either a jpeg or png format. 
  • Can I edit existing images or edit new images on my website?
    Yes and No
    . Yes, you can edit any exisiting images on your website or new images for your site. Yes, you can't edit them directly in your website editor but with limited functionality. For existing images you will need to download the existing image from your website editor Files Tab, to your computer, edit them and re-upload them. For new images you need to edit them before you upload them to your site with an image editing program. Here is a Free Image Editor Online if you don't have PhotoShop or a similar program. 
  • Can I upload / add videos to my site?
    Our file manager accepts videos, but they must be an FLV encoded video in order to display on your site. We currently restrict file uploads to 32 MBs in order to ensure the performance of all sites running on our servers, but there are additional options if your company needs to showcase larger videos. If you videos are currently hosted elsewhere, you can display them with an embedded video player such as YouTube or Vimeo. Click here for the tutorial on How to Embed a Video on a Page.
  • How do I use Flash on my site?
    We currently have two modules that use Flash, The Tiny Video Module allows you to quickly add a single video to a page, and the Media Player which allows multiple images and videos to be added to a page. For instructions on how to add one of these modules to your site please view the Multi-Media section of Tutorials. Custom Flash can also be added to a site through the HTML button in the content editor toolbar. *Flash Animation is not accessible on most mobile devices and we do not recommend its usage unless specifically suggested.
  • Can I upload a Docx, Excel, or PDFs?
    You can upload word documents, Excel spreadsheets, as well as PDF documents to the FILES tab of your website. You can make these items links available for download. Check out the tutorial for How to Add a Image/File to a Page

  • Can I upload an audio file?
    Your audio files must be in MP3 file format. You can upload these to your website and add them to any page as an audio player.

  • Can I add secure files/pages that require a login to view them?
    You can make any documents secure and available through login only. If you are trying to do this on your site please contact for further assistance.