• Can I get email set-up through Blazonco?
     If you are on our Express Plus or higher Subscription with Blazonco we will set up 5 FREE emails as part of your set-up package. You can get additional emails at the rate of 5 additonal emails for $20 set-up/ $10 additional monthly. Please contact to set up your emails. 
  • Can I have Blazonco set-up emails even if my domain is registered elsewhere?
     Blazonco Support can set up email for you even if your domain is registered else where. We need your domain login information in order to set-up your email. Please send your domain login information, your domain name, and the emails you would like set-up to
  • How do I access my email?
    To access your mail go to mail.yourdomainhere. Example Be sure to include your .com/.net/.org. If you are having issues please contact

  • How do I configure my email with my computer or mobile devices?
     We have downloadable, step-by-step congifuration directions HERE for your device.  Please MAKE A REQUEST if you experience any difficulties. 

  • I can receive mail but I can't send mail. I am getting an SMTP error message?
    This is probably because the Outgoing Server (SMTP) Name and Port need to be changed . This is often changed under the "advanced settings" of your email configuration. Please refer to the Tutorial HERE  or MAKE A REQUEST if you experience any difficulties.

  • Is there a limit to the size of attachments I can send?
    Yes. Generally it is limited to 5 MB. Contact to upgrade your email plan. But it is better to upload your files to services like Dropbox or Hightail and then email the links to download the files.

  • Is there a limit to how many emails I can send per day?
    Yes. It is capped at 500 emails (if you send one email to 5 people that counts as 5 different emails being sent). At around 300 daily, the emails have a delayed delivery.  
  • I can receive mail but I can't send mail. I am getting a bounce-back mail undelivered message?
    This means that your email account may have been suspended by the email server for sending electronic spamming like messages. If the account has been suspended you will need to contact with your account information to have the account suspension lifted. Contributing behavior that leads to suspended accounts is as follows:

    1. The account is sending mass emails to multiple recipients. For example 1 email but cc'ing 50 people is 50 emails. The accounts with Blazonco are limited to 500 emails max per day with emails beyond 250 being delayed. If you are needed to mass email we would recommend using a e-blast platform that will facilitate this and not look like electronic spamming. 

    *Here are two e-blast platforms we recommend Streamsend MailChimp. If you are not sending email in this pattern your account may victim of Email Spoofing.

    2. The email content looks like electronic spamming. This mean the title, content, links, large attachments or images etc. Here is a free email checker to see how "SPAMY" the emails look. SPAM Checker.
    3. A recipient from one of the emails has marked your email as electronic spam and it has raised a red flag against the sender. You will either need to have the recipient add you to their address book, stop sending to them, or add option to unsubscribe from emails from you in the email. 

    For these reasons notated above Blazonco recommends best e-blast practices by using a e-blast platform to send mass emails noted in #1.