Domains / Hosting

  • Does my site have to be hosted with you?
    Yes. Our plans only allow a site to be hosted on our servers. Your domain can be hosted elsewhere and we supply directions on how to point a domain at our servers to make the process as straightforward as possible.
  • Can I use my existing website address / domain if I host with you?
    Yes. We build and host your website with Blazonco on our servers and we are happy to either host your current domain as well, or work with your current domain registrar. 
  • Do you offer emergency after hours support?
    We do not currently offer after hours support. Our hours are 9am - 6pm PST, Monday - Friday. Feel free to email us at or call us at 888-600-1030 ext 2 Our servers are monitored 24 / 7, 7 days a week to ensure maximum up-time.
  • Do you design / host adult websites?
    No. Adult content violates our Terms & Conditions and is not allowed on our platform.
  • Can my website be responsive?
    Yes. If you are currently building a new site with us just be sure to ask your Account Executive or Project Manager for your site to be responsive, meaning it will be optimized for viewing on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. If you have an existing site with us please contact your Account Executive or Support to see about upgrading your website services. As each of our websites is custom designed and built, responsive upgrade fees vary.
  • How secure is my website from hackers or any other criminal action?
    Blazonco is hosted in a highly secure co-location facility in Los Angeles and uses SSL to ensure the only people who can access our admin are those authorized. While we cannot prevent someone from logging into your site if they have acquired your username and password we make nightly backups of all data. We encourage all users to use passwords that are not easily guessed. 
  • Does Blazonco support SSL?
    The Blazonco admin tool is secured with SSL. For our and Total-Apps E-commerce clients we setup SSL to ensure your customer's shopping experience is secure and encrypted with an https://. This enables E-commerce clients to shop and check-out all on your site safely and securely. 
  • What happens if my certificate expires?
    We purchase your certificate in 2 year increments and will renew it as long as your an active client.
  • Is anonymous hosting available?
    Yes. If you purchase a domain through us you can specify to have a domain marked as private for a nominal fee. This is not a default setting for domains. Clients need to request privacy on their domain(s).
  • How much does it cost to host my domain with Blazonco?
    If Blazonco is hosting your website as well as your domain you receive one FREE domain with any 1 Blazonco Website. As long as you continue hosting your website with Blazonco your Domain is FREE. If you would like Blazonco to host additional domains, or you do not have a website with Blazonco is it $18.50 annually/ per domain. If you have questions please contact
  • Can I access my domain and change settings, contact information etc?
    Yes. You can access your domain by going to You will than need to enter your domain name, username, and password provided by Blazonco.
  • Is my domain under the ICANN (Internet Corperation for Assigned Names and Numbers)?
    Yes. Blazonco and Tucows reseller adhere to ICANN and its requirements. We do ask that all new domain owners confirm their contact information via email 15 days after the domain is registered to you. To view the ICANN'S Registrant's Benefits and Responsibilities (click here) -OR- to view the Registrant Education (click here).
  • Can I transfer my domain away from Blazonco?
    Yes. As long as the domain was transfer to Blazonco over 60 days. If you would like to transfer your domain there is a $20 domain-transfer fee. Please contact to initialize this for your domain.
  • Can I transfer my current website to Blazonco?
    Yes. We have a staff of designers and programmers dedicated to producing new sites and porting older sites over to our platform. Please contact us for a consultation to discuss what we can do to transition your site to our platform. Call us toll-free at 888-600-1030.