• Once my custom website is built can I make adjustments to it at any time?
    Yes. Your website's content can be adjusted at any time. Our versioning system allows you to edit pages and preview changes before your customers do so that you can make the change just right before it goes live. If you don't like a change, you can also roll back to a previous version of a page at any time.

  • How do I learn how to edit my website myself?
    Our website admin is easy to use and we will even train you on how to use it. Click here to sign in to your website. Our Support department offers weekly webinars that you can attend to learn with a live person, or you can troubleshoot with our recorded video guides or written tutorials. Click here to sign up for a webinar -OR- Click here to view our tutorials.

  • Can I create multiple Pages?
    Yes. Our page manager allows you to create an unlimited amount of pages. You can access the page manager in the Content section of the admin.

  • Can I have a blog on my site?
    Yes. Blazonco's platform offers a blog feature that allows you to post content add images, and allow for the blog to auto-update on various parts of your site. You can also add features like social book marking, comments, videos and more.

  • Can I schedule my blog to post a different times of the day/month? 
    Yes. Our blog feature has an option under "Publishing" of each blog that you can publish it immediately, schedule it to be published in the future by selecting preferred calendar day or save it as a draft. To learn how to blog check out the Tutorial How to Create a Blog Post.

  • Can I have social profiles on my site?
    Yes. We have many clients who have login based sites that store personal information about their clients, allowing them to share between members on a secure platform. 

    *Social profiles require additional programming for your custom-site. If you are interested in adding this to your existing site contact or discuss this with your Account Manager at

  • Can I reinstate an unpublished page I deleted when I canceled my account?
    At the time of cancellation we make a backup of your site in case you ever decide to return. If you have deleted page content you can always roll-back to a previous version through our page manager.

  • My website is showing an old version with out-dated content? 
    This may be happening for a few reasons. 1. You only selected "Save Changes" in the Admin. Refer to tutorial How to Save & Publish Content 2. You need to clear your cache or browsing history on your computer/device.Refer to tutorial How to Clear the Cache 3. Your website content is out-of-date. To make changes yourself login to the Admin or email with updates.