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Customer Reviews

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Submitted on 09/24/2014 by

Thank you for everything

I'm not leaving because I am unhappy, but because I have a better understanding of the whole process and will make the time to continue doing it on my own.

Jordan, my new Blazonco representative has been very helpful. I appreciate everything that your social media crew have done for me during the past year! I think I started with 2 FB likes and now I have over 800.

Thank you,

Betty Frohlking

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Submitted on 02/10/2014 by


Just a short note of thanks for all you've done for us at DynaCause these last few months. You are my hero! Without your support we would not have slain the affiliate dragon.

Thank you so much! Looking forward to working with you in 2014.

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Submitted on 06/20/2013 by

Blazonco is the marketing arm of my business

I am happy Blazonco has a group of individuals with a variety of talents and expertise in marketing and sale who council me in ways to advertise and sell our new warm-up and training bat on e-commerce. As an Engineer and Designer I am not familiar with this part of the business. I trust Blazonco to help my business with this endeavor, as they are doing.

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Submitted on 06/14/2013 by

I am delighted with the website Blazonco created and designed for me. They also created an outstanding LinkedIn and Facebook page. And, it was quick and easy. Christine Lawrie was my single point of contact and did an amazing job coordinating with me and the team at Blazonco to produce spectacular results. I am a totally satisfied customer and highly recommend Blazonco.


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Submitted on 06/12/2013 by

Partnering with Blazonco was the best decision I have made.

I have now been working with Blazanco for almost 6 months and although the Real Estate business is quite saturated with SEO keywords, I have seen my brand get taken to a whole new level with their help in internet marketing!!! I'm happy to say that partnering with Blazanco was the best decision I have made for my business.


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Submitted on 05/09/2013 by

Thanks Rory

I just wanted to say thanks for being so great about handling our notes and keeping everything so organized on this project. I really appreciate it and wanted to say thank you.

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Submitted on 02/12/2013 by

Blazonco is awesome!

Wayne and his team are truly amazing. I have been leery for some time now about paying for SEO, because of some bad experiences in the past. Blazonco has removed that negative stigma, and has made me a believer. If you are looking to get on the front page of Google for a very fair price, then you are looking for Blazonco. Thanks to Wayne, and his crew, my business is on the front page of Google, in the number one spot. They are one of the few companies left that will under promise and over perform.


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Submitted on 11/14/2012 by

Page 1 on Google

After speaking with several Website Optimization Companies I decided to sign up with Wayne Ostrander with Blazonco due to his knowledge, confidence and overall demeanor. It's been about a month and my numbers are skyrocketing. Page 1 on Google on so many keywords. I just went on a great bid in Lake Forest and he found me on an organic search. I'm so glad I went with Wayne and Blazonco to perform my SEO. Thanks a lot!


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Submitted on 10/09/2012 by

Had a great chat with Wayne from @blazonco. If you need help with your own website, SEO or social check out their robust DIY CMS.


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Submitted on 10/01/2012 by

Blazonco is amazing!

Wayne and the whole staff at Blazonco were very attentive, detail oriented, and fast. They took our old Ben's Asphalt website design, spiced it up, and increased our traffic nearly 10x. They helped us set up an entire social media campaign to help drive business to our website and company.

Once the website and social media campaign were setup they followed up with us weekly to make sure we were happy with everything. Whenever we wanted something changed, they handled it quickly and usually made it even better than we imagined.


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Submitted on 09/20/2012 by

I just landed a $50k client from my website

I've been on a 20 keyword SEO package for 45 days and I've moved up 10,000 spots on search engines. Thank you Blazonco.

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