Enterprise Licensing & Partnership Opportunities

Blazonco's Software Platform can instantly deploys client specific websites in a cost effective way.  All pricing is utility based so our Enterprises partners and their clients only pay for what they use.

Blazonco is one of the few platform providers that has created programs to suit:

  • Referral Leads [CPL, CPA, Rev Share]
  • Partners [White Label or White Glove]
  • Enterprise [Joint Venture or License]
The chart to the right shows how different businesses and enterprises can leverage the Blazonco Platform in various ways to generate more revenue, save time, and extend their product offering throughout their client base.
We are always open to mutually beneficial partnerships where all parties are vested in each other's success.


High demand enterprise clients can arrange to have their own instance of Blazonco’s CMS configured either onsite or at the hosting facility of their choosing. This offering is not available for all clients and is priced as a licensing fee.

Example: A freemium play for publishers, the Shopzilla-branded and hosted instance of the Blazonco CMS used a single sign on authentication between our system and theirs. Their API data feed is integrated to provide configurable products, segmentation, search, tracking, and banners.


Opportunities for white label and/or white glove partnerships.  Removing infrastructure and custom software development/programming makes this solution fast, inexpensive to get started, and very scalable.  With quick provisioning, a white label is a cost effective way to get started offering website diesgn/builds, hosting, domains, and marketing services to your existing client base.  

Our white glove services allows you to step back and let us handle all (or some) of the day to day operations and support.  We do this acting as an extention of your business. 

Referral Leads

Trust is the key to a referral partnership.  Our partners have built a great trust with their client base and in turn trusts that Blazonco will take equally great care and consideration with their referrals. Our entire business has been built on word of mouth referrals from the very first day we opened our doors.  Since then we have developed referral programs to repay like-minded companies and individuals for their trust in us with their friends, colleges and clients. We offer several opportunities for referral partners to add additional revenue while helping their clients with much needed website services.  Some of our relationships are structured as a Cost Per Lead, Cost Per Aquisition, or Revenue Sharing program.

Blazonco typically builds a co-branded landing page for partners to direct their client referrals and prospects to.  We also integrate with clients APIs or our clients utilize our API to tranfser leads real-time.  In more casual circumstances a simple email introduction works wonders too.  At that point our sales team will nuture the relationship to understand your clients needs and how we can help them with our website design/build services.

We are open to all models where both parties are vested in each other's success.