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One of our amazing E-Commerce features allows you to manage your Online Inventory easily and efficiently.  This video walks you through how to Update your Inventory using the Inventory Add On in our Blazonco Admin System.

For Written Instructions, Check out our Inventory Tutorial Here!


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Thanks to our amazing developers, we have just updated our platform with new features that allow more customization for SEO purposes and Social Media Meta Tags!

These days, sharing information from your website to your social media pages is a must and a great way to drive traffic to your website. With our new features, you will now be able to share your website pages properly by customizing the imagery, descriptions, & titles associated with that page. With this update, you will be able to customize pages, products, and blog posts.

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You'd be surprised how affordable quality product photography can be, and how much more effective these better images can be at building trust to motivate purchases.  The data reveals the better, bigger, clearer, cleaner product images can increase sales by double digit margins. You can likely...

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