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In 6 months, gained 50,000 new Facebook fans and saw engagement increase by an astonishing 46,000%., an online retailer selling thousands of personalized pet products, wanted to increase its social media fan base and generate engagement through likes, comments, and shares. They wanted a fun and engaging campaign, something to draw people in and get them talking. approached Blazonco because they were struggling to gain a social presence; through their own efforts, they had gained only 123 likes on Facebook. With the Booster Plan for social media, Blazonco was able to put together a strategy specifically for’s audience, with frequent and engaging weekly content, custom contests, and more.

See the details of the campaign here.  View the case study.

The campaign worked, growing their fan base from 123 likes to over 50,000 in 6 months. In addition, the company saw nearly 90,000 individuals engage with their brand over the course of the campaign. The results of the social media campaign Blazonco conducted emphasize the important role of Facebook in growing consumer engagement for

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