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Beyond fixed pixel specs, there are many constraints to consider when designing Facebook pages for businesses. A 20% text limit and the overlapping of the company name/dark gradient over the Cover Photo can be particularly aggravating.

Remember, the great Charles Eames once said, "Design depends largely on constraints... One of the few effective keys to the Design problem: the ability of the Designer to recognize as many constraints as possible; his willingness and enthusiasm for working within these constraints."

At Blazonco, we are celebrating constraints and providing 7 tricks to design within a box!

1. Integrating the Profile Pic with the Cover Photo

This trick is used (abused?) quite frequently. In this instance a biplane flys a banner with the company's logo through the Profile Pic. A Google Image search for "Integrating the Profile Pic with the Cover Photo" will give you plenty of results.


2. Repeat the Company Logo on the Right

This can work so well it can feel like cheating. With the Profile Pic forcing a small version of the logo on the left, a bigger logo on the right brings immediate balance to the design. And it can be particularly useful for companies with logos that don't read well at small sizes. Often the mark can be used by itself in the Profile Pic (with the full logo displayed on the right).


3. Use Collages in the Cover Photo

Surprisingly, even with the proliferation of phones that take pictures, companies do not have great photography. Using a collage can bring about interesting design oppotunities and represent the company in many ways, rather than relying on a singular "hero" shot.


4. Use Patterns in the Cover Photo

Drawing from the shapes that constitute the logo/mark, a subdued pattern was created to occupy space within this Cover Photo. The hot air balloons reinforce the geometric theme. Two other tricks are used here too. The logo (type) bigger on the right. And the background from the Cover Photo is integrated with the Profile Pic. Be careful about combining too many techniques.


5. Embellish Around the Profile Pic

While the big green leaves could look odd if this Cover Photo was seen on it's own, it works quite nicely when the Profile Pic is appended over it. Designers should focus their creative energy here instead of the often over-utilized "Integrating the Profile Pic with the Cover Photo" (Trick #1).


6. Confine Imagery to a Smaller Space

Like "Use Collages in the Cover Photo" (Trick #3) sometimes it is necessary to downplay the imagery you have to work with. Framing this photo at a smaller size while incorporating larger swatches of the brand's colors, provides something more visually interesting (over this image occupying the entire space of the Cover Photo).


7. Adding a Top Bar to the Cover Photo

While this may seem completely arbitrary, it works; especially considering all the constraints to contend with in the bottom. And because it is the top-most real estate within Facebook controlled by a designer, it is a good opportunity to shout, "Hey, this is us now!"


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