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Posted by Kyle on Oct 14, 2011 under
The Most Important Part of Your Website

The most important component of your website is not the design. It's not the layout. If you plan to leverage your website for success, the most important component of your website is what it tells your visitors to do.

Every visitor that comes to your website is going to take action. Your visitors are either gong to find what they're looking for and purchase or inquire about your products or services, or they're going to leave and go to a different website. There aren't many other options. How your website communicates—what it says to visitors the moment they arrive—is often the determining factor between one outcome and the other.

Make Your Call to Action Clear

Most business owners want one thing and one thing only out of their website visitors—a purchase, a phone call, or an email address. If this is the case, just say so. Tell your visitors, right there on the homepage, what you want. Introduce yourself, and tell them exactly what to do. Check out the following example.

“A content management system that makes sense—to everyone. Click here to try it free for 30 days.”

Brief, introductory ad copy, saying what your product or service is, followed by simple, easy instructions on what to do next.  "Click here."  If your website doesn't begin with a headline like this, you are probably not converting traffic as effectively as you could be.

It's an easy error to fix.

Make your call to action stand out. Make it the most apparent and eye-catching element on your homepage. Make it an apparent element on every page. The only reason your website exists is to compel your visitors—the visitors clicking around on your site right now, as you read this—to take action.