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Web design and online marketing agency Blazonco recently launched a revised and expanded web presence focused on highlighting the intersection of website design, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media marketing. This brand and messaging overhaul puts Blazonco among a handful of agencies that have chosen to deliver an integrated response to the rapidly-merging worlds of web, search, and social.

On the internet, everything is connected. Website design and functionality, search engine placement, and social media engagement strategies affect and influence each other and create an integrated marketing ecosystem in which all parts can work together to increase brand awareness and drive sales. Each component is essential—a website with no presence on search engines or social networks is invisible, and a powerful marketing campaign is wasted on an amateur website that fails to engage or and convert visitors.

Despite the necessity of all three elements—web, search, and social—few agencies offer services that integrate these components into a comprehensive marketing strategy. Most web design companies offer a single, isolated product—a website. But for a business owner, a website is of little value on its own. A website must be designed to respond to the marketing initiatives it will support, and in order for this to be possible, these marketing initiatives must be defined before or during the web design process.

Blazonco's shift in design and messaging takes this unique synergy into account. Each branding, layout, and content change was put in place to communicate Blazonco's renewed emphasis on comprehensive web services rather than single, segregated design or marketing solutions. This approach is a natural progression for Blazonco, which gives business owners open-ended control of their own websites through an innovative content management system that includes a full suite of built-in marketing tools.

The new Blazonco site features a diverse portfolio of design work, case studies, and a wealth of marketing information focused on illuminating the convergence of the web's various marketing options.

About Blazonco

With over fourteen years of experience serving businesses of all sizes, Blazonco has developed an array of robust design and marketing services, including web design, branding, internet marketing, SEO, social media, and PPC management. We help businesses succeed online. Learn more at

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