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For businesses, social media is a huge marketing platform used for branding and engaging with consumers. However, each social media platform hasn’t necessarily made it easy for businesses to easily brand their pages or properly display contact information in the past. Twitter understands that, and has now made changes to cater more toward helping businesses brand themselves. These changes to the layout and customization features will make all the difference for your business!

New Layout

Twitter used to require a background image that was left-justified and static (meaning it wouldn’t move with the rest of the screen). This could be difficult to promote your brand with and hard for users to find your contact information on. With the new layout, your main image can be left, center or right aligned allowing you to have more control over the placement of your creative elements. Twitter also incorporated a header image, much like Facebook’s Cover Photo. This will allow you to prominently display your contact information in the middle of the page, assuring that users find your information with ease. 

Pinned Tweets

Many companies post content several times a day, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the most important information was tweeted last. Much of your most important content could be lost in a pile of re-tweets and mentions to your followers. Now Twitter allows you to “pin” any one of your tweets to the top of your profile timeline, allowing you to easily highlight the most important Tweet to your followers without them having to scroll through the long list of your recently tweeted content. Use this as a marketing tool to push out the content that you want to promote the most.

Mobile Optimized

This is one of the most important changes to Twitter’s layout that your business could benefit from: with the new layout, your Twitter page will now be more mobile phone friendly! This means that no matter what device you are on—a computer, an iPad or a mobile phone—you can upload photos with ease and your corporate Twitter page will re-size the images in order to accommodate the device your followers are using, without compromising the image quality or content. This allows users to see a consistent visual identity of your brand no matter what size of screen they are using to view your tweets!

Marketing with the New Twitter Layout

In order to get the most out of Twitter for your company, think about offering your followers as timely information as possible. Use the Pin a Tweet feature to post exclusive content on your profile page, such as product launches, breaking news, contests or promotions. Remember, Twitter is best used for delivering relevant, real-time content — so promote information that is relevant and timely! Try using your mobile device to update your profile page while you’re on the go. You should also consider changing your header picture with new product photos and visuals in order to keep your content fresh.


Have questions about the new layout or ways to market your company using the new features? Let us know!