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Posted by Michael on Jul 16, 2014 under

Blazonco CEO Michael Sterner gives a talk on the "Internet of Things". What follows are notes from the slides.

What does it mean?

  • Connectng the physical world to the internet is just getting started
  • The planet and everything on it will be interconnected
  • Future: Every person will be surrounded by 3-5k connected "things" everyday

What "things"

  • Goods
  • Objects
  • Machines
  • Appliances
  • Buildings
  • Homes
  • Vehicles
  • Products
  • Animals
  • People
  • Plants
  • Soil
  • Water Energy

The "Internet of Things" is growing at a breathtaking pace

  • 2 billion objects in 2006
  • 15 billion objects by 2015
  • 200 billion objects by 2020

Where the wireless things are

  • 40.2% - Business/Manufacturing - Real-time analytics of supply chan and equipment, Robotic machinery
  • 30.3% - Health Care - Portable health monitoring, electronic recordkeeping, pharmaceutical safeguards
  • 8.3% - Retail - Inventory tracking, smartphone purchasing, anonymous analytics of conumer choices
  • 7.7% - Security - Biometric and facial recognition, remote sensor
  • 4.1% - Transportation - Self-parking cars, GPS locators, performace tracking

The spectrum of smart stuff

  • Tiny stuff: Computers smaller than a grain of sand can be sprayed or injected almost anywhere — to measure chemicals in the soil, or to diagnose problems in the human body.
  • Enormous stuff: Fixed and mobile sensors dispersed throughout the city of Dublin are already creating a real-time picture of what's happening and wil help the city react quickly in times of crisis.


  • Identity for everything (We use an IP address now): IPV6 = 340,282,366,920,938,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 unique IP addresses
  • The Chair example: Is it occupied? Who is in it? How are they? Fat, skinny, heart rate, happy, drunk, sad?
  • A completely new way of interacting with the world, and it interacting with you!

What will we do with it?

  • Monitor things: Health or Electricty/Fuel (Someday the "Grid" will decide when to run appliances)
  • Search for things: Where's my keys? Where's my child? Where is my restaurant order (what temperature is it)?


  • Better manage resources: Natural (water, food, energy, people, health) and Time (traffic, work, play, family)
  • The Health example: "I'm having a heart attack"
  • Alert: "An ambulance is on it's way to your location"
  • Ad: "Did you know Heprin prevents heart attacks?"
  • Notice: "Your health insurance premiums are going up"

Complexity (Too much?)

  • For some, yes
  • But not likely for our children
  • Every generation will just be used to it


  • Scary stuff: Great job security to protect personal data while opening up the data for the greater good
  • Terrorism
  • Hacking: pacemakers, insulin pump, road signs, smart meters, WOMD


  • It is for the common good
  • It will change our lives
  • Can't leave it to engineers: We need human and social scientists involved
  • What would you use it for?
  • How will it affect marketing?