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You'd be surprised how affordable quality product photography can be, and how much more effective these better images can be at building trust to motivate purchases.  The data reveals the better, bigger, clearer, cleaner product images can increase sales by double digit margins.

You can likely find a good local photographer to shoot the product images for you.  If they have a good camera, tripod, lighting, background, the light box, and a stand/table to shoot them on then those are all critical pieces of getting good images that require little or no post production. 

There are many online companies that specialize in doing product photos:  (here are a few)

I will add that for some products, showing them on a model at least one time per product would help showcase them. 

If you MUST take your own pictures, please remember these critical concepts.

  1. Equipment needed
    • Camera
    • Tripod
    • Table
    • Light(s
    • background (preferably white)
  2. Use good lighting
    • Natural light works best
    • Soft light (vs Hard light) creates a more even tone and softer shadows.
      • Achieve this with a light source that is larger then the subject.
  3. White backgrounds work well
    • Shoot your products on a white background to stand out and make the product the star
  4. Frame the image well
    • Crop it to size after your done if need be
  5. Keep the camera stable and shot steady
    • No blur
    • Use a tripod if necessary
  6. Skip the filters (that got old really fast)
  7. Editing
    • If you don't know how to do it, outsource it.
    • If you take/get better pictures then this won't take much time or maybe no time at all.

We recommend clients invest is good quality photos.  Statistics show that their is a double digit percentage lift in conversion when better, larger, more detailed views of photography are used.  Do the math and see if it makes sense for you.