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And the blog pound....

No need to download a thing. But you will find some great new additions to Blazonco today.

Thumbnail Gallery - Drag this feature onto any page and assign a folder of images you've uploaded. The Thumbnail Gallery will show a grid of thumbnails on the page. Click on any thumbnail to open a larger version of the image without ever leaving the page.

Social Media Buttons for Products - In your Product Configuration, you can now chose to enable this feature, which allows users to Like, Pin, Tweet or +1 your product(s).

Product Report Add-On - Easily see which customers purchased which of your products. Great for businesses selling courses or classes, as it serves as a handy enrollment or roll-call sheet.

Duplicate Page - This feature allows you to make a duplicate of an existing page just as easily as saving or deleting one. Perfect if you need to create a lot of pages with the same or similar content.

Form Embed - Any form created for your website can also live anywhere else on the Internet using IFRAME code. Very useful if you have affiliate partners promoting your products and services.

Social Profiles Improvements - For our social networking system, we made improvements to posting images and video, added a social network activity stream, and added a search feature that allows users to search for profiles by first name, last name or username.

Select Text Color - Much to the dismay of our designers, we are now allowing clients to alter text colors within the Page Editor. While we don't recommend making your pages as colorful as the Skittles rainbow, you now have the flexibility to do so.

Camera Slider - A new image changer with a plethora of fancy transitions and customization options.