Follow this step-by-step guide to connect your Twitter account to your company's Facebook page, and see the next section below to connect your company's Facebook page to your Twitter account.

How to Connect a Twitter Account to a Facebook Page

First, make sure you’re logged in to both your Twitter account and your Facebook account.

In your Twitter account, click the small button shaped like a gear near the upper right corner, then click on your accoutn name where it says "Edit Profile."  The Account Settings page will appear.

On the left, you'll see a list of links to additional account pages.  Click the “Profile” link.

Once the Profile page appears, look down near the bottom.  You'll see a gray button that says “Post your Tweets to Facebook.”  Click this.

A message will appear, saying “Your account is not connected to Facebook,” along with a button that says, “Connect to Facebook.”  Click this.

A pop-up will appear, asking you to allow Twitter to access your Facebook account.  Click “Allow.”

Your Twitter account and Facebook account are now connected.  But you're not done quite yet.

You'll need to select whether you want to allow Twitter to post to your personal profile or your business page.  Your personal profile is selected by default, so unless you want to send your friends ad family a constant stream of Tweets, you should un-select this before continuing.

If you have only one business page on Facebook, this page will be listed below your profile.  Check the box next to your page name to allow Twitter to post to the page.

Once you've done this, click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page.  And you're done!  Your Tweets will now post to the wall of your Facebook page.

How to Connect a Facebook Page to a Twitter Account

Connecting your Facebok Page to your Twitter account is much easier than the opposite.  To get started, make sure you're logged into both Twitter and Facebook.  Then visit

A page will appear, listing your personal profile as well as any pages you administrate.  Next to your profile and each page, you'll see a button that says “Link to Twitter.”

Locate the Facebook page you wish to link to your Twitter account.  If you have only one Facebook page, this will be easy.  Then click the “Link to Twitter” button next to that page.

A new page will appear, asking you to authorize Facebook to access your Twitter account.  Click the button that says “Authorize App.”

And that's all.  Your Facebook page wall posts will now post to your Twitter account as Tweets.

A Few Things to Consider

In many cases, it's best to keep your Facebook and Twitter accounts separate.  These channels have different roles and reach different audiences, and you should tailor your content for each accordingly.  But there are exceptions to this guideline.  For some companies, connecting Twitter and Facebook is a way to save time and resources while maximizing content exposure across all channels.

If this is your goal, decide whether you need to link your Twitter account to your Facebook page or your Facebook page to your Twitter account, then follow the necessary steps outlined above.